I was tired of doctors telling me my blood work and overall health was perfectly fine when clearly I was still experiencing symptoms, so I went to the expert. And let me tell you, Megan really is an expert.
— KP

Happy Clients


After my consultation with Megan I was able to take home a meaningful realistic guide with practical strategies that I can integrate into my life. She taught me ways to enhance my energy, health and nutritional wisdom. With her personalized approach Megan bases her nutritional understanding on one’s unique needs, health concerns, activity patterns and lifestyle. 

— JK

Megan introduced a greater variety of nutrients into my diet by creating a 5-day meal plan with me, and helped me identify what foods would be best (and not so great) for me as an individual. Her holistic approach prompted me to review my current approach to my allergies, and explore other healing methods. After working with Megan, I feel healthier and genuinely excited to try new, nourishing food recipes! 

- AB

Megan guided me into using food to heal myself, literally. She adjusted my already healthy diet into something efficient. My gastrointestinal problems are healed and I became regular - goodbye bloating! And the best part is that I am joint-pain free thanks to her eating advice.

— EM


Working with Megan was an awesome experience! She listened to my goals and provided an easy to follow plan to help me reach those. The simple and achievable suggestions she made had a tremendous impact on my energy levels and overall health. It literally changed my life! 

— JH

Healing my body with food and herbs was exactly what I needed, and I always knew that, but I could never figure out how to actually do that on my own... From an interpersonal perspective, Megan is the easiest to work with. She not only listens and responds, but she is so kind and fun and cool. Sometimes being healthy and changing your lifestyle and eating habits can seem really daunting, but Megan helps you see that its more than attainable, and actually makes the whole process fun and exciting.

If you are having ANY health issues, whether you want to lose a few pounds or have a serious disease, I would highly recommend working with Megan - she is the best!

— KP

Megan has been invaluable in supporting my healing process with  her nutritional expertise for the past year. I literally had difficulty functioning every day both physical and mentally. ... Megan provided me with a whole health plan to better gut health and through her knowledge and experience and my commitment to being well I can honestly say my overall health has improved immensely. It is a gift to be able to function every day and Megan is always there to provide caring support on the bad days always reminding you that being healthy is possible and that it is a journey not a destination. I highly recommend Megan. She is truly a partner in your health goals and an educated expert in her field.

— NB