Corporate Wellness


The Corporate Wellness Program is designed as a 5-Day Office Workshop. We will focus on improving employee wellbeing through Nutrition Education Workshops, One-on-One Counseling, and Office Kitchen Clean-up. This can be executed in multiple ways, depending on the office environment and culture. For example, if the office has a meal service, I can work with the vendor/ manager to ensure nutrition needs are being met. I am at the office’s nutrition advice beck and call. This is a great way to improve office moral, health, and wellbeing. We can discuss pricing option, what your office needs and what I can offer to help.

Services Offered

60-minute Lunch-time Workshops:

  • Nutrition 101: Eating for Health
  • Balance Blood Sugar: How to Avoid Afternoon Slump
  • How to Meal Prep for the Week Ahead, etc.

Kitchen Clean Up:

The office kitchen can be your worst nightmare or office oasis. Let’s work together to make your office kitchen a healthy environment by cleaning the junk and learning how to properly store food items.

One-on-One counseling:

I will be available for employees to schedule free 30-minute consultations. We can discuss health concerns and recommendations to improve one’s diet. Everything from a quick question on coffee alternatives to how to avoid food allergies when eating out.

Vendor liaison:

A common employee perk is “food provided”. There is a plethora of food vendors that cater to every need. With that comes endless energy bars and the hard decision of choosing between tacos or the Mediterranean bowl for lunch. I can work with the office manager and vendor to ensure quality service and products are provided so your employee has the best options to choose when it comes to their health.


The pricing will vary. We will discuss final pricing based on location, office size, expenses, and services provided. Please inquire for pricing options and available services.